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The Hurlingham Club Foundation - Charity Case Study

The Hurlingham Club Foundation

In 2021 The Hurlingham Club Foundation was established with support from staff, members and the local community. We have already set up meaningful partnerships with local schools and charities in order to bring about positive change and help many families, children and elderly neighbours to thrive. In order to continue this fantastic work, we have established a donation page to allow those who are interested in our work to support the cause. Whether small or large, any donation would be most appreciated.


Our Vision:

The Hurlingham Club Foundation is an integral part of a thriving and connected community

Our Mission:

To enable our community to access opportunities and spaces that improve wellbeing and life chances.

Strategic Objectives:

Build a strong Foundation that allows us to better listen to and connect with our community.

Increase community support through meaningful volunteering and charitable giving opportunities.

Develop sustainable partnerships that are embedded within the community.

Deliver activities that support the physical, social and mental well-being of those most in need.


We expect to appoint two additional trustees soon, but the three initial trustees of the Foundation are; Victoria Hornby – Who has a wealth of experience in working with charities as a dedicated advisor (Bridges Impact Foundation, and is also the current CEO at Mental Health Innovation. Jamie Crookenden – Who has been a driving force behind the Club’s community programme and making the inception of The Hurlingham Club Foundation a reality.

Piers Wilson – Our CFO, Piers, has been instrumental in working with advisers and the Charities Commission to set up the Foundation.

Paul Denza – Who brings with him decades of experience as a solicitor specialising in trusts, wills, probate and tax.

Katia Roele – Who will be the Foundation’s representative on main committee and brings a variety of corporate social responsibility experience.


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