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Stride UK - Charity Case Study

Having the chance to realise your own working potential as a child growing up in Manchester hasn't got any easier over the last few decades.

With an increasing lack of opportunities across one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, many have started to question what can be done to give the younger people of Manchester the chance to make their mark in the world of work and beyond.

Stride UK doesn't just use one element, but a combination of three to help ensure the younger generation of Manchester can progress and be valued members of modern society.

Stride UK

Stride is a non-profit organisation offering safe, enjoyable, supportive environments for disadvantaged young people in the United Kingdom. Our support ranges from skills development, career workshops, personalised learning and sporting events.

We are passionate about providing positive pathways for young people to be involved in sport and education to achieve their personal goals. Our programmes, which include careers fairs, youth wellbeing groups, qualifications and more, aim to inspire and motivate them to achieve and maximise their potential, whilst celebrating success and personal achievements along the way.


Utilising The Power & Disciplines Of Physical Activity

Through Sport, We're Determined To:

Change Lives -We provide engaging and exciting activities that help young people achieve their potential. Through our programmes young people will make friends, join in and learn respect.

Identify Talent – We provide quality coaching, mentoring and support networks necessary to fulfill their sporting potential.

Promote Healthy Lifestyles – A vital aspect of Stride’s work is developing positive self-esteem and social integration leading to improved health and wellbeing.

Stride is in the unique position of having experienced coaches as part of the coaching team, and many have an impressive background of coaching athletes to success in major Championships.


Providing Opportunity, Guidance & Positive Role Models

Tackling A Critical Lack Of Access To Opportunities

At Stride, we recognise the positivity in our youth population and are determined to tackle the critical lack of access to opportunity, lack of guidance and lack of adult role models. Stride partners with primary and secondary schools, trusts and academy’s across Manchester and beyond to encourage young people to join the programme and make a difference to their lives.

Our Programmes:

Help pupils escape negative distractions, so they can discover their true potential and focus on their academic studies.

Develop focused ways of thinking, so that pupils can stay strong whatever challenges come their way – academic or in life.

Develop self-belief and self-assurance, so that pupils can find their place in the wider world and help them be successful across school.

Develop learning plans for young people where transferable skills such as time management, goal setting, team building, stress management, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation/rewards, and team leadership will be tracked and evaluated to boost pupils’ academic attainment.

Provide opportunities for pupils to meet and hear from Olympic and Paralympic athletes and to experience the mindset and successes, which can be emulated and transferred by pupils to their academic studies.


Clearing The Way To A Successful Career

A Quality, Sustainable, Work Ready Programme

In collaboration with Enterprise and Digital businesses, our Employability programme is designed to provide a quality, sustainable, work ready programme for delivery in schools for 14-16 year olds. In partnership with schools, academy’s and businesses we identify young people across the North West, to participate in work ready learning, in order for them to make an effective transition from school to adulthood and employment


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